Jul 24, 2009

Domino, The Dearly Departed

Domino, a stylish home décor magazine that I subscribed to, died in March. I was a little depressed when I got the death notice in the mail. I never had a magazine die on me before. Just so sudden and unexpected. They were forced to fold due to this crappy economy. Instead, I will be receiving Vogue, but that won’t fill my void. Domino featured beautiful interiors and landscapes and offered tips and budget-friendly options. Such a tragedy…

And as an expression for my sincerest condolences, I subscribed to 2 other magazines that are still alive and well: Elle Décor for 1 year and House Beautiful for 2 years. They are offering a $5 discount special on Amazon today and both subscriptions came out to just $19.95! I can’t wait! Just look at these covers…I’m hooked already!

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