Jun 19, 2009

Friday Faves - Most Useful Tools

There are a load of tools that a girl must have in order to survive in this crazy world: curling iron, manicure set, sewing kit, etc. Here are a few more to be added to that list that have made some significance in my life.
The Wet Brush: My hair gets REALLY knotty after washing it. Detangling usually takes me 15 long minutes of agony. My hair dresser recently used The Wet Brush on me, and the rest is history. It was completely ouchless and only took about 5 strokes to get it perfectly detangled. I like to think it's got magic bristles! I searched through all of Miami for it and found the best deal here. Best $15 I've ever spent.

Slim Velvet Hangers: I'm one of the lucky ones. Although it's not walk-in, I think I have a pretty big closet that stretches from one end of my room to the other. The only problem is that I have no space. Well, actually that was the past. I now have lots of space and I owe it all to these slim hangers. They have added extra space in my closet for those items still on my wish list :) and they look nice too! I've been eyeing these for about a year now and I finally found the best price! Find them at Costco: 50 for about $15! (Compared to Bed, Bath & Beyond: 50 for $40)

V-Shaped Cuticle Cutter: After deciding I would try to do my own manicures for a while, I went to CVS in search for new tools. I found this V-shaped cuticle cutter, and gave it a shot. I found that it's sooo much easier to use than the regular clipper kind. Simply slide the V under your cuticle and it comes right off! I can't remember the brand but it was only about $3.

Let me know if any of you use these tools. I'd like to know your opinion! :) Hope it makes your life easier too!

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